Continuous Micro-Learning

Micro and Interval learning methodologies guaranteed to increase comprehension & retention of valuable information.

Science backed learning

Thrive Micro and Interval Learning is a new application of a proven concept: We learn better with consistent reinforcement of knowledge over time, delivered in small, manageable bits.

Learn naturally

Thrive’s mobile learning consists of short, frequent lessons delivered over time. Our Micro-Experiences allow learners to focus for 60-90 seconds on a topic or concept, provide feedback, answer questions, watch a video and more. With this approach, two things are happening at the same time: 


The learner is being taught or reinforced a concept that improves their capabilities.

Learners who excel can be moved along a defined path, while those having difficulties can be identifed and offered specific reinforcement as needed.


We are gathering ongoing data points to confirm learning and change is happening.

Learning is more than just memorizing and repeating information. Thrive measures and monitors areas like confidence, belief, and overall usefulness of the information people are learning.

Learning that lasts

Long-term retention is the main goal of any learning initiative. It’s important for both individual and group success that knowledge becomes ingrained, top-of-mind habits. The problem is that our brains are wired in a way that makes event-based learning (seminars or training sessions) subpar for creating successful retention. 

The model that describes this memory drop off is called the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. While learners leave a session with a deeper understanding of the subject matter, within a month, that retention has dropped to just 20%. This is a problem for creating new habits, changing behavior and establishing the inclination to make the right decisions. 

Interval learning significantly increases learning retention over the long term. The basic underpinnings of interval learning are simple: when individuals are exposed to new information piecemeal, spread across time, this information is better retained than if they had been exposed to the information in a ‘massed’ manner, such as a day-long workshop.

Micro eLearning is not just a byproduct of our short attention spans in the internet age or a subpar eLearning methodology for when we don’t have much time. In fact science backs it up as a credible and effective method of learning. 2016

Effective mobile learning

Always good to get reminders. And these lessons were very brief and straight to the point.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Really like the opportunity to complete the modules on my phone. Very helpful when travelling.

VP, Talent Management

A quick and effective way to send leadership tips, especially when everyone is so busy. It’s a good way to fit them in without overwhelming to an already packed schedule.

EVP, Human Resources
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