Human first technology

Solutions that leverage technology to scale with ease, while never forgetting that humans come first.

Powerful solutions. One interaction at a time.

THRIVE's solutions all leverage our Micro-Experience technology to create interactive, engaging ways for organizations and their people to learn, solve problems, and grow.



Focused, brief interactions create honest discussions between individuals, their teams, and the larger organizations, resulting in better ideas and decisions.



Ensure that everyone in the organization feels included and has the opportunity to contribute and express their opinions and share knowledge.



People never stop learning and developing. Thrive's agility and ability to provide ongoing feedback creates learning organizations.

Powerfully Simple

What are Micro-Experiences?

Micro-Experiences are secure, convenient, web-based interactions designed to inform and engage individuals, assess understanding, while gathering and sharing feedback.


Delivered as links by email or text message, all users have to do is open and start interacting. No login or passwords needed.


Text, images, videos, and feedback create an engaging, fun, and powerful way to share and collect knowledge.


Users are guided through Micro-Experiences one screen at a time, limiting distractions and improving understanding and comprehension.

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