Sales Optimization

A six week program that combines human engagement & cognitive technology. Uncover the hard to measure data to support CRM metrics, providing clarity and increasing sales.

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Trends that Impact Sales

Markets shift quickly. Identifying trends at the forefront is your competitive advantage. Thrive captures data from the people who interact with your customers most. Undercover deep, root causes that impact sales, connecting people at scale across ecosystems.

Eliminate Bias & Survey Fatigue

Stop surveying and huddling everyone into conference rooms. Thrive creates an inclusive, continuous dialogue to share best practices while solving problems with real-time data analysis.

Fast & Effective

Anyone in sales knows there are no simple solution to success. However, there is technology, science, and data designed to support us - the trick is using them correctly. In 6 weeks, Thrive can accomplish what traditional consulting methods need 6 or more months to achieve.

Measure Belief & Confidence

Thrive's program starts with a conversation that taps into both conscious and unconscious factors that impact performance. We measure Confidence in your established goals, along with the Belief that your team can make it a reality.

Behind the Technology

Thrive is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations & individuals improve performance through the application of cognitive technologies to achieve collective goals. Using the Experience Sampling Method - the ‘gold standard’ of data collection - Thrive reduces memory bias while collecting honest, actionable data.

Insights to Actions

Thrive's continuous dialogue follows the theory of the "5 Why's" of root cause discovery - asking "Why" 5 times to find the root cause of a problem. This helps identify specific actions, teachings and information that is needed to ensure a problem is not repeated.


Number of sales personnel who turn to their managers for help. Only 35% depend on training.



billion dollars spent on training by sales team. 80% is forgotten in 3 months.



higher net sales per employee achieves by continuous learning.


It is critical for us as a company to understand our sales process and what common challenges our sales team is facing when closing business. As individuals we tend to feel that we have our own strengths and weaknesses when selling products or services. Thrive has helped our sales team pinpoint some common obstacles that we identified as personal weaknesses. This allowed us as a team to analyze and put a plan in place to overcome these challenges. We are continuing to eliminate these types of problems and growing our business.

TJ Henderson, VP Operations, Target Freight Management
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