Diagnosed with Diabetes?

This Reveal Your Power program is designed to help you create and sustain the healthy behavior changes you need to effectively manage your health.

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This wellness program has been created by credentialed health, psychology and technology experts who specialize in engaging, empirically supported learning strategies.

Easy to Use

Highly engaging, 30-second interactions that include health education, self assessment, encouragement and support. The power to change your health is at your fingertips.

Create Lasting Change

On your 12 week personal growth journey, you'll receive 6 unique interactions, via text message, each week. Grow your skills, improve confidence and make healthy changes that last.


Improve your mental health by creating a clear picture of your goals. Identify your best next steps. Have faith in yourself. And be grateful for all that is good in your life. Reveal Your Power!


Understand the nutrition value of what you eat. Become a better meal planner, shopper and preparer of food. Deal effectively with cravings and portion control. Feel better!

Physical Activity

Increase your physical activity in a way that works for you. Start slow and gradually increase your commitment to keeping your body strong and healthy.

Self Management

Develop a personalized approach to tracking your behavior changes and their relationship to health outcomes. Partner more effectively with healthcare providers.


Strengthen your capacity to deal with daily demands. Increase your self-confidence and improve your energy level on a daily basis.


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