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Thrive provides a digital toolkit for researchers, designers, coaches, and consultants as we modernize business for the digital age.

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Increase engagement with HAPPÉ employees!

21 Day Story

Empower your teams with a mobile solution that provides an inclusive space that virtually eliminates organizational silos, logistical barriers, and bias.

Salesforce Index

The Salesforce Index measures the key areas and behaviors needed to ensure the successful adoption of Salesforce.

Digital Coaching

The skill to adapt, change, and learn are now required in our modern workplace. Learning with a digital coach can accelerate this process for those who are motivated. Thrive can support the integration of new habits, mindsets and behaviors through fun and interactive programs that are delivered to your phone.

Experience of YOU

A 360 feedback program that you control! You select observers; your feedback and data come directly to you.

Lighthouse Leadership

We are all leaders! We may lead others, but we lead ourselves first. Thrive provides access to a powerful leadership development program.

Happiness Challenge

A 21-day challenge to incorporate science-backed behaviors of happiness.

Habit of Focus

With all the information coming at us each day, we need updated time management and focusing tools. This program provides daily support to establish and review what is important to you.


Thrive Cognitive team can support your initiative through our digital consulting and measurement tools.

Insight to Action for Sales

A six week program that combines human engagement & cognitive technology.

Host a Digital Conversation at Scale

There are so many surveys with so little action! Stop the madness and host a digital conversation to really empathize and communicate with your audience.

Modern Measurement

Use Thrive Key Behavior Indicators and Modern Mindsets to measure the most important behaviors to your business or personal development.

Modern Measures

Thrive Modern Measures are designed from the latest peer-reviewed and proven research and science.

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