Improve performance one Experience at a time.

Thrive collects and organizes essential information, creates knowledge sharing, and interacts with people — naturally.

Powerful simple

What are Micro-Experiences

Micro-Experiences are focused interactions delivered in-context, by text message or email. Each is conversational and interactive, utilizing text, images, gifs, and videos to combine into a multi-media experience. Meanwhile, a variety of question types collect and share the information you need to empower individuals and groups.

Reach People Where They Live

Delivered by email or text message. Or to a personal portal. Or all three. Whatever is the easiest.

Conversational and Interactive

Text, images, gifs, and videos combine to create a medi-media experience.

Stop Surveying

Use a variety of question types to collect the information you need to empower individuals and groups.

Create Ongoing Programs

Micro-Experiences can be combined to create ongoing programs - adapt content as you go

Easy. Fun. No big deal.

Content delivered over time feels natural and is accessible and effective for each individual.

Long Data = Pulse of Organization

People and situations are constantly changing. Long data, collected in-context, is honest and actionable.

People Are Life Long Learners

Create Feedback Loops

Micro-Experiences go beyond training and surveying by creating multi-way feedback loops between individuals, the groups they belong to, and the greater organization. This creates a dialogue that improves the decisions and actions individuals take, positively impacting overall organizational performance.

We made Thrive for you

Entire Organizations can Thrive

Thrive was designed to help each and every part of an organization. Regardless of how it's measured, when it comes to monitoring and improving performance, Thrive has you covered.


Create alignment, share best practices and manage product changes and updates.

Human Resources

Onboard new employees faster. Streamline 360 review process. Share important news, and collect feedback.


Check-in and share progress. Identify blockers quickly and fix them.

Project Management

Establish clear priorities. Monitor and manage progress. Ensure every team member is communicating.

We're confident your team is ready to Thrive.

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