Thrive Micro-Experiences

Powerfully simple

How are they used?

Thrive Micro-Experiences are used for a variety of purposes throughout various industries.

Continuous Micro-Learning

  • Deliver essential information in bite-sized interactions
  • Reinforce learned materials over time
  • Assess understanding and comprehension

Crowdsourcing Knowledge

  • Gather feedback and input from individuals and groups
  • Understand emerging insights
  • Share best practices

Ongoing Monitoring and Measurement

  • Check-in periodically with groups and individuals
  • Trend measurements over-time
  • Use long data to make better decisions

Where are they used?

Thrive Micro-Experiences are delivered directly to individuals, allowing them to be accessed on any device, when and where they matter most.

In the office

Keep everyone informed and engaged

Collect and share feedback

Reinforce training and learning initiatives

On the go

Reach out directly to individual’s mobile phones and tablets

Ensure everyone is involved, no matter where they are

Deliver mobile training and learning programs

In the field

Find out and reinforce what’s working in the field

Remind people of important safety measures in the moment

Collect feedback from every level to improve processes

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Ready to start building?

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