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What are Delivery Templates?

So, you’ve put in the time and built your program and uploaded your users, but how do you get it out to your users?

This is when you create a Delivery Template.

A template is a schedule of days with windows of time when you want experiences to be delivered.

Delivery Templates can be used over and over again on any program you create. They will remain on the platform unless you delete them, so name them appropriately.

We use “windows of time” as opposed to a “specific time” to keep experiences from feeling like an alarm and to help remove bias.

Experiences will send out at random times during the windows. You can see the times assigned to each participant’s experience as they queue up by navigating to the program schedule tab, then clicking the blue report button. Scroll to the bottom to find your list of users. Within details for each user will show time sent or to-be-sent and whether someone opened it. You can also resend individual experiences manually from here!

To find out more about how to create a Delivery Template, now that you know what one is, click How to Create a Delivery Template.

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