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New Self Registration

You’ll find the self-registration section under the “Users” drop down.

You will then be able to see any self-registration link you’ve previously created along with the option to create a new one.

We’ll walk you through each section of the form you need to fill in as shown in the image below…

  1. Name your link – your users will see this!
  2. Registration pin: this is an added level of security for specific instances. In most cases, you’ll leave this blank.
  3. Enrollment: links can be used for two purposes…to collect users and put them into a group (say, to send a program to a group at a later date) OR to collect them, put them in a group, AND schedule out a program to the group. Typically, we will choose “Can be used for enrollment.”
  4. Redirect on enroll: If you click this box, when a user finishes accepting enrollment, the first experience will automatically open in their browser. Then the schedule will resume as normal for experience 2.
  5. Branding: This is Thrive’s white labeling feature. Create one general branding for your company or create multiple if you’d like them to be more specific!

For the User Details section, here are the steps to take…

  1. Participants groups: you must designate a group for the users to be a part of. You can make this general and put all people for all programs into one group, or you can make them specific.
  2. New user is admin: This option allows you to designate new users as administrators for your organization. You will typically leave this as “NOT an admin.”
  3. Deliver via: this control allows you to either choose for your users how they receive experiences, or you can let them choose between email and text.
  4. Password: users can set a password if you’d like them to be able to. We recommend leaving this as “do not allow.”

Last section!

This email is what your users will receive upon successful acceptance of enrollment into the program. You are able to customize the Email Subject and replace (or leave) the text “Thanks for registering!”

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