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Mass User Upload

Upon uploading users, group assignments can be selected. This will easily categorize your users into specific groups if needed. You must create your group before you upload the template sheet.

View the template sheet here.


Think about how you want to group your participants. Would groups by location, job type, or manager be helpful? How would you like to be able to send programs out and look at the data?

Create those groups by selecting Groups under the Users dropdown. You will upload one spreadsheet for each group. You can map to one group at a time. This is not a requirement but can be helpful to keep data and people organized and make scheduling programs simpler.

For example, you upload one spreadsheet each to “Region 1,” “Region 2,” etc but then you combine all users into one spreadsheet and map them to group “Total Company.”

You need to at least enter first name, last name, and email. You can optionally enter phone number, notify type (as “email” or “sms”), and time zone.

Save file as .csv

Enter which group this spreadsheet is going to map to. Choose your .csv file then click “Process CSV file.”

Sometimes errors occur after you upload. The most common errors are landline phone numbers instead of cell phone numbers. You may also encounter an error if you enter “text” instead of “sms” or “e-mail” instead of “email” for delivery type.


  • Don’t change the headers
  • Only enter cell phone numbers. Landlines will be rejected upon upload. The provider Thrive uses for SMS determines if an experience can be delivered successfully or not. When it rejects a number, it is best to just switch to email delivery. Rules for delivery vary based on country and carrier.
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