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How to merge a Delivery Template

Your program is ready to go and you have a Delivery Template to use. There are two ways to Merge a Delivery Template.

First option:

Navigate to the Program you want to schedule. You will see this screen. Click on the “Delivery templates” tab along the top.

The next screen allows you to merge with the templates that have already been created. You will see these in a list below. Click the green “Merge delivery template” button.

This will bring you to a drop-down allowing you to choose from your Delivery Templates. This is where the detailed name of your Delivery Template becomes really important.

After you’ve chosen your template, it will appear for you to review and then click “Confirm.”


Second option:

Instead of clicking the Delivery Templates tab, click Schedules -> “New Schedule.” Then click “merge delivery template.” The steps are then the same as the other option. When the template is merged, you will see it in the drop-down.

Now that you know how to merge a template, here are a few helpful hints. 

  • The number in the upper left hand corner of each delivery window shows the number of experiences being sent out during that period of time.
  • If your template is blank, you probably didn’t create your program correctly. Go back and make sure you loaded your experiences into the program.
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