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How to create a Schedule

Before you create your Program’s Schedule, be sure your program is ready to go, users are loaded, and you have merged your Delivery Template.

Navigate to your program, then choose the Schedules tab. Click the green “New Schedule” button. 

After this program goes out to users, you will see the Past runs here.

The first section to complete is “Schedule Details.” 

Fill the comment bar with your schedule name. 

Choose your Delivery Template from the drop down. If you haven’t merged this already, you can do so now. (Click here for more on Merging a Delivery Template.)

Select the start date for this Run

Is this run Perpetual? This means that users can be added at any time. Perpetual makes sense if you’re planning on having people join this run randomly in the future (perhaps a self-enroll link on your website or on your intranet for new hires, etc.). More on this, here.

Time Zone will usually be User Local. This field is completed when uploading a user into the system. If, for example, you are sending a program out while users are attending a meeting in New York City, change the Time Zone to Eastern Time. This will override their User Local Time.

The next section is the Schedule Option. Here you can choose what screen your users will see upon program completion and choose the branding to be applied to this program. If you don’t have your own branding loaded, this will default to Thrive branding. (More on branding here.)

.There are 4 summary screen options for your user to see when he or she has completed an experience.



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