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How to create a PDF Report

You can also run a PDF report for a group or an individual after a program is completed.

Click “Create New PDF Report” to start and give your report a title and a subtitle, if you wish. Then click “next.”


Choose either “All” or “Custom” depending on the report you’re running. Reports are always available at the schedule level. You can combine specific schedules, choose just one, or run the data from the program’s entire collected data set.

If a Custom report is needed then choose from the drop-down menu which schedules to include in your report

An individual report can be run or a group report can be run. An individual report will show the selected individual’s responses within the group’s. If you would like to have a report with only an individual’s responses, you should design your schedules to be sent to just one person. Then you can choose just their schedule and have their data separate.


Use the Intro section for free-form writing. This is a good place for an executive summary or overview.



The conclusion page is similar to the Intro. Write whatever you’d like to leave your audience with – a call to action, next steps, or a website to visit for more information.

Here’s how you get your report out of the platform.

Download PDF Report: This will download the report as a .pdf file to your computer

View PDF Report: The report will open in a new tab. The URL in this tab is shareable and viewable by anyone who has the URL. It is a dynamic report and will update if new data is collected by any of the schedules you have associated with it. The orange, three-line tab on the right side allows you to easily navigate your clickable table of contents and download or share the report.

Send Report via E-mail: If you wish to send a copy of the report directly to a participant’s email, you can do so here. Either send to all or choose an individual to send to.


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