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How to create a Delivery Template

Click New Delivery Template. Name it with detail to help you remember what it is since these can be used over and over again. 

Start day of the week is not required. If you don’t want it to go on the weekend, or if you would like it to start on a Monday, then you can choose accordingly.

 How many days will your template need? You can choose this now, or just add them when you add the delivery windows.

If you know how many delivery windows each day will need, you may specify that on the next screen.

 For Day 1, since we specified 2 Delivery Windows, we will fill in those window start and end times. For example, choose 8-10am and 1-3pm. 

After clicking “Add delivery window,” you will see this screen. Double check your times and if all is well, click “Confirm.”


Congrats! You have just created a Delivery Template!

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