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Frame Type: Question

Quiz​ lets you check your user’s knowledge, but is set up very similarly t0 Multiple Choice. The key difference is that after the user selects an answer, he or she will be shown a frame with the result. The coding of correct and incorrect is done under the “attributes” model column. After each line selection, click “update” to save your changes.

Essay​ allows your user to write open-ended text responses. You can choose to require a response. The system will then enforce a 30-character minimum.

Scale​ lets your user rate your question on either a numerical scale with high and low labels or with 5 stars. This frame type also has the option for participants to leave feedback in an essay box, which will then correspond with their rating in the report tab for the administrator to view.

Multiple Choice​ has a few parts. “Prompt” is your question. “Choice” is what the user can choose. “Explanation” is what the users are shown in the frame after they make their choice. You can also choose to have the choices be image types pulled from your media library rather than text.

Fill-in-the-Blank​ allows you to write and leave spaces for the participant to fill in. This text can be left unspecified, or you can put parameters around the allowable text. The >_ icon allows you to insert a blank field. After you have designed your frame, you will click “verify” at the bottom. Then you can choose to have conditions around the response by choosing “exact” from the drop-down or leave it as “no” to have it be a free form text field.

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