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Frame Type: Narrative

This is a narrative frame.

This frame is for general text but can also display media, emojis, tags, and gifs.

The editor bar along the top is a very valuable resource for making narrative frames engaging and interesting. If you need a reminder, just hover over any of these icons for their name.

Your first two options are bold and italics. Then we move into quote formatting, bullets, and numbered bullets.

Most of that is probably self-explanatory. But let’s take a quick look at the quote formatting.

Type a quote then highlight what would normally be put in parentheses, then click the ” symbol in the editor bar. This is the result:

The next two icons are for creating a link and inserting media from your media library.

Enter the text you would like the link to appear as. Highlight that text and then click to create a link. You will then see the following appear in your text box. The slightly gray (http://) is where you will insert whatever link you would like to show.

The second icon will allow you to insert an image. This can either be a web-linked image or from your Media gallery.

After inserting links and images, we can toggle how we preview the frame. Toggle Preview, Toggle Side by Side, and Toggle Fullscreen are the next three. Remember, the best way to test and view your frames is with the Demo function.

The Question Mark will open the Thrive Markdown Guide in another tab. This guide shows you all kinds of html formatting, in case you need more than is in the Editor Bar. You can also view it here.

Next, you will see the ability to center your text. Images will automatically center. The second icon is Tags.

Tags allow you to pull customized text into frames. Your current options here are shown in the image below. Note that within the frame as you’re writing, the text you’ll see is a system default. But the program, when run to a participant, will pull the correct, specific text.

Here are the tags in action…first in the text box…

…and in the preview panel, which is full of default text.

We have emoji choices for you in the toolbar as well!

The final icon in the toolbar is a gif search toolbar. This searches from a gif library that is not Thrive loaded. Please be aware that some of these are NSFW! Alternatively, you can go to the gif website of your choice, and insert the link using the steps above for inserting web links.

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