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Frame Type: Media

There is more than one way to add media to your experience. The first is directly from the experience building portion of the platform:

  1. Choose Media from the Frame Type drop-down. 
  2. Then, choose audio, image (see above), or video. 

Alternatively, you can navigate to the media page and directly upload files there.

Within the media section, you can either upload a new media file, choose an existing file through the search bar, or scroll through thumbnails (for image and video).  


You also have the ability from this screen to copy an image to embed it into any frame using the shortcut from the editor bar.

It’s important to note that:

  1. Audio files should be in .mp3 format
  2. Image files should be in .jpeg or .png format
  3. Video files should be in .mp4 format

Pro Tip: Take care of naming these so you can find them again later. Looking through 10 files is easy, looking through 1,010 isn’t. 

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