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Frame Types

The frame types available are:

  • Media
  • Narrative
  • Question
  • Report

Media frames allow users to add multimedia elements to experiences. The Thrive Platform supports audio, image, and video files.

Choose which media type you’d like to upload from the drop-down.

You can upload a new media file or choose from an existing file in your library.

Some tips:

  • Audio files = .mp3
  • Image files = .jpeg or .png
  • Video files = .mp4
  • Name these well so you can find them again later. Looking through 10 files in your library isn’t bad, but looking through 500 is!

Narrative frames are for general text.

Question frame type gives you five options: quiz, essay, scale, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.

Quiz enables you to check the participant’s knowledge. The preceding frame will automatically show a score.

Essay allows the participant to write an open-ended text response. The creator has the option to make this required field. The participant will then need to enter 30-characters to be able to move to the next frame.

Scale provides two options. You can either choose a numerical scale of your design or a 5-star scale. A comment box within this frame is an optional feature and a highly recommended one! We’ve noticed people love to justify their ratings. We’ve created a lot of templates

Multiple Choice shows 2 or more answers to the participant. This frame type has a few customizable options: choose more than one response, show options with just pictures and no text, and to see a designated frame after choosing an answer (like follow-up information or a .gif).

Fill-in-the-Blank leaves spaces for a participant to put one or more words of their choice in a designated spot. The program creator can also enter an expected response for the spaces a participant will fill in.

Report frame type has seven options: star, histogram, essay, model time series, model scoring, and expertise.

When choosing these, you will have to choose from the scope drop-down. The scope of the report frame determines what data to include. You can have many report frames in a program and show different scopes as it relates to your program. Remember, report frames are always anonymous; the platform will first show how you responded, but then everyone else’s responses will have no name associated.

Star report shows responses from Scale star questions.

Histogram reports show a count of the ways in which a question was answered. This report type is available for both scale and multiple choice questions and can be displayed as either a pie or bar chart.

Essay reports show the responses from the Essay question type.

Fill-in-the-Blank shows responses to the corresponding frame type, as well.

Model Time Series and Model Scoring reports show responses to questions that are explicitly associated with an Attribute or Index model.

Model Time Series report shows you a series of responses to questions attached to a specific Attribute model (exs., Confidence, Positivity). The Thrive platform is able to provide Model Time Series reports for both Scale and Multiple Choice questions.

Model Scoring reports show you a summary of responses to questions attached to an Attribute model, or to a number of models, in the case of Index Model Scoring reports. The Thrive platform is able to provide Model Scoring reports for both Scale and Multiple Choice questions.

Currently, Expertise reports are under development.

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