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Do you have a privacy policy?

Thrive is GDPR compliant and HIPAA compliant. We take your security seriously. Check out for details.

How will participants receive experiences?

We send experiences via email or sms.

What should I know about sms messaging?

SMS messages come from a 10-digit phone number. Once a message is received from a number, messages will always come from that specific number. It is important to let participants know to expect this. The message will contain a link that does not need to be logged into. These links are unique and secure. Participants may be subject to carrier messaging and data rates.

Can a user opt-out?

Yes, by clicking “unsubscribe” within a Thrive email or by replying “STOP” to an sms message.

Who should I involve before beginning a Thrive program at my company?

Some clients have found it helpful to consult with Human Resources, Information Technology, and Legal.

Does my IT department need to do anything?

YourITdepartmentmaywantto“whitelist”app.gothive.ioanda​​tobegin.Ifyou choose to use personalized program branding, those urls and emails can also be whitelisted.

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