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Create a Frame

Frames make up an Experience. Experiences make up a Program.

There are 4 types of Frames: Media, Narrative, Question, and Report.

To create a frame, navigate the toolbar to Experiences then choose New Experience.

The next step is to name your experience. Many creators find it helpful to number Experiences if they will be part of a larger program together so order does not get confused. Also, adding a date can be helpful if you’re sending out time specific conversations.

Now you are able to add frames by clicking New Frame. You can see what all your frames will look like to your users by clicking Demo

(We highly recommend demo-ing your experiences! The demo allows you to view the experience from the user viewpoint and catch any awkward formatting. It is important to note here, however, that the demo is purely for viewing purposes only. Demos do not capture data as the platform does, so some features such as report frames or models will not reflect accurately. Check out our section on Testing.)

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