The Happiness Challenge

A 21-day digital coaching program using cognitive technology to support the research-proven habits that make us happy.

5 Simple Daily Habits

Thrive digital coach guides you through the 5 validated behaviors shown to increase happiness and productivity. Building habits takes focus and attention. We provide the most support digital can offer. Even with a live coach; You have to make a choice to take action.

21 Day Digital Program

This challenge helps you focus so you can create the daily habits that support a happier more productive mindset. The idea is to learn proven practices, and begin incorporating new habits and behaviors into your daily life.

Measure Your Progress

In addition to prompts, ideas and accountability, Thrive digital coach guides you through reflection and provides a 'Happiness Measure' around your levels of positivity. All thrive measures use current, validated, peer-reviewed research.


There are many ways to engage in physical activity. We will help you build it into your routine. Not to worry, the challenge is 15 minutes of exercise a day. This program supports you with ideas to incorporate the activity.


Meditation brings up all sorts of ideas. One part of the challenge is to meditate each day. If you already have a practice, this will be easy. If you are starting, we will share plenty of ideas.

Random Acts of Kindness

This is the easiest part of the challenge! You can find ways to be kind all day long! And, hey we won't hold it against you if you plan it, we count all acts, not just the random ones! We will remind you and prompt you with ideas.


Gratitude is a must. The end. We cannot stress it enough. This practice trains your brain to focus on what you want more of in your life. You can show gratitude for a parking spot, the sunshine, a smile, a funny cat video! We are grateful you took time to read about the Happiness Challenge.

Find the Positive!

Silver linings are weaved all through our days. When we are stressed, rushed, busy, and tired, we become blind to the positive around us. That is why programs and practices are needed, it is a continuous effort to train our focus.

Data Doesn't Lie


Number of positive interactions happy couples have for every negative one



Million adults in the US have used meditation



Of adults do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities

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A simple and powerful way to build new habits!