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Glossary of Thrive Terms


A short interaction delivered via hyperlink by email or text message that focuses on a single concept.


A single screen of a THRIVE Micro-Experience. Categories of Frames include Text Narratives, various Question Types, and Media such as images and short videos.


A collection of Micro-Experiences that are delivered via a pre-defined schedule. Programs use Delivery Templates to define timeframes when Micro-Experiences will be sent. For example, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.  Delivery Templates also define the frequency of Micro-Experiences, such as 2 per day.


The masterminds behind THRIVE Programs. Administrators have ownership over each part of the system – Users, Micro-Experiences, Programs, and everything in between. Multiple Administrators can share full access, or a Master Administrator can grant partial access to others.


An individual on the THRIVE System. Users can be enrolled into Programs as individuals, or as part of larger Groups.


A collection of Users that has been created by an Administrator. Users can belong to multiple Groups, and Administrators can create multiple Groups.

Micro-Experiences, Programs and Users

Q: How are Micro-Experiences built?

A: A Micro-Experience is built using Frames. Categories of Frames include Text Narratives, various Question Types, and Media such as images and short videos. They can be arranged in any order to ensure that Micro-Experiences are informative, interactive, and engaging.

How many Micro-Experiences are needed to build a Program?

There are no minimums or maximums. The amount of Micro-Experiences depends on the materials and objectives of the Programs. THRIVE can help define initial objectives and inform your in-house team of how to assess the needs going forward.

Q: Are there any limitations on the number of Users that can be enrolled onto THRIVE Platform?

A: No. You can enroll as many, or as few, of your registered learners as you would like, and you will never be charged for learners that are not actively enrolled in Programs.

Q: How are Users enrolled onto the THRIVE Platform?

A: Users can be mass enrolled in large numbers via spreadsheets, or on an as-needed, individual basis. Administrators can enroll Users, or Users can enroll themselves via self-registration links. All that’s required to get a User started is a Name and Email Address.

Q: How does THRIVE deliver Micro-Experiences?

A: Micro-Experiences are accessed by clicking on a hyperlink sent to Users via email or text messageAdministrators can readily to see who is going to receive which Micro-Experiences, and when and how they will be delivered through a clear graphical representation.

Q: Can THRIVE Programs be delivered internationally?

A: Absolutely. THRIVE is setup to readily accommodate international delivery of email and text messages. The system’s internal clock ensures that Micro-Experiences are delivered according to each User’s local time zone. This allows a single Program to be delivered to multiple time zones without any additional effort for the Administrator.

Q: Do you provide the Program content?

A: THRIVE works best with proven content. Many of our clients have the materials that their employees need to know, but haven’t been able to get the results they hoped from the traditional learning and training methods. THRIVE works with in-house staff to move material onto the THRIVE Platform.

Co-Creation is our preferred path: your materials, our methods and a low cost distribution system.

Training and Support

Q: Do you provide training on how to use the platform?

A: We do! No matter how we start working together, we offer upfront and ongoing training. Whether we build a pilot together, or you signup and start creating your own Programs right off the bat, you’ll get 2 hours of virtual training at no extra cost.

THRIVE also offers more in-depth consultation on additional features of our technology and learning methodologies to ensure that your metrics are relevant and insightful.

Q: What sort of ongoing support do you provide?

A: THRIVE provides email support to all Administrators and Users. All technical support requests will be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. THRIVE also provides support in program design. Clients become self-sufficient very rapidly and support is typically not a large factor once a few core concepts are understood, but we are always available and eager to assist clients at every turn.

Technical and IT

Q: Do I need to install anything to use the THRIVE Platform?

A: Nope. THRIVE is a cloud-hosted software platform that is accessed via the internet. This means there is no installation or ongoing updates for our clients. Every time an Administrator logs in or a User opens a Micro-Experience, they will always be accessing the most recent version of THRIVE’s software.

Q: When a Learner clicks a delivered Micro-Experience link, what happens?

A: After clicking a link that’s been delivered via email or text message, a User’s internet browser will open a new window and their Micro-Experience will automatically begin. Micro-Experiences are delivered as “web applications”. This means they are responsive, allowing learners to view them on any device.

Each Micro-Experience is delivered via a one-time use token specific to that user, allowing them to safely access Micro-Experiences without entering a User Name or Password.

Q: Are there any device or technical limitations?

A: THRIVE will work great on any HTML5 compatible browser, so any smart phone, tablet, or computer with a modern browser will work just fine. 

Because THRIVE is cloud-hosted and Micro-Experiences are delivered via the internet, it’s important that a client’s firewall allows Users and Administrators to access our URL in order to complete Micro-Experiences and access the Platform.

Q: Do you offer API Integration?

A: Yes, THRIVE was built to allow data sharing through API’s and other data export methods.

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