The Need

Westinghouse operates in a highly regulated industry, making awareness of, and adherence to, safety processes and procedures essential to their business operations.

One aspect of creating a “culture of safety” is the ongoing sharing of feedback. Their Senior Leadership wanted to upgrade the way they collected, monitored, and measured the feedback that managers were providing to their employees, having established a goal to trend and address challenge areas, while identifying and promoting successes.

After approaching THRIVE, we set out to replace the current system that managers used to document feedback, as it was largely one-sided, difficult to extract meaningful data from, and few managers found it useful.

The Solution

THRIVE developed a custom software platform based on our concept of “Micro-Experiences” that allowed managers to quickly input the details of an interaction they had with an employee, detailing the feedback provided.

This input then prompted the THRIVE system to immediately contact that employee with their own Micro-Experience, giving them the opportunity to evaluate the interaction and its effectiveness.

The Results

  • Established a baseline around current feedback process
  • Reinforced why feedback is important to a culture of safety
  • Measured and monitored how both managers and their employees perceived feedback following the interaction
  • Developed and communicated a set of best practices for managers
  • Analyzed the quality of feedback given, as opposed to just counting interactions

It was a good experience and hopefully we'll become more efficient and impactful with (feedback) in the future. Thanks!

Engineering Manager
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