The Need

A newly formed Digital Marketing team’s leader needed an efficient and effective way to communicate her vision with the team, while gathering and sharing their feedback and opinions. The solution needed to be convenient and non-disruptive, and also anonymous to encourage the most honest feedback possible. The team leader wanted to communicate her own thoughts, and then gather immediate feedback from the team, on the following concepts: change, agility, critical thinking and inspiration.

The Solution

THRIVE and GGP partnered to develop a 3-month program to encourage team discussion around the team leader’s key concepts. The program reached out to team members each day, guiding them to quick, interactive Micro-Experiences that took them no longer than a minute to complete.

The Results

  • Encouraged honest, open discussion between the team and their leader
  • Over 70% of those who participated reported an increased understanding in how they approached critical thinking
  • 100% of participants reported an increase in understanding of how they, and others, manage change

I really like the platform and content. It has provided a catalyst for me to think very differently and more thoroughly about things I thought I already knew. Thank you!

Senior Director
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