The Need

Two essential attributes of any high-performing teams are balanced, consistent, and effective Communication and Contribution. The more diverse and varied a team gets, the harder this challenge becomes – however, when these two attributes are optimized, diverse teams will thrive, their companies will flourish, and customers receive endless benefits. Covestro knows this, and needed a way to increase belief, while reducing resistance and increasing engagement.

The Solution

Covestro partnered with THRIVE to develop a 6-Month Employee Engagement Program that focused on Positivity, Communication and Contribution, at both individual and organization levels. Participants interacted with tACC’s THRIVE Learning System 3 times a day, responding to 60 second Experiences focused on specific topics such as Trust, Motivation, and Active Listening – to name a few. The result was an on-going program that discussed critical business-issues while continually measuring Positivity, Communication and Contribution, and collecting and reporting real-time feedback to the organization’s Chief of Staff.

The Results

  • 75%+ Participation Rate
  • 180,000+ contextualized data points
  • 90% of participants reported increased Positivity
  • Increased understanding of how teams communicate and contribute in order to achieve organizational success
  • Established baselines around communication and collaboration, giving them the starting point to continue moving everyone in the desired direction

This program makes me aware of the little things that matter a lot but yet take for granted.

Community Affairs Representative
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