The Need

A micro-learning solution that could interact with their people around the globe. First, Arconic wanted to prepare their people for upcoming training workshops. Following the workshops, they wanted to reinforce and assess understanding of the materials discussed.


The Solution

THRIVE assisted in the development of 1-Week Long “Pre-Training” Programs to be delivered directly before in-person training workshops, intended to prepare learners by exposing them to the general topics that would be presented, while also gathering initial feedback on current levels of knowledge and comfort regarding those topics.

We then helped develop 3-Week “Follow-Up” Programs that begin delivery as soon as an individual completes a workshop. These Programs reinforce the topics discussed during the workshop, assess increases in understanding and confidence, while also gathering feedback on use cases and best practices from those who attended.

The Results

  • Arconic is running over 40 programs in 12 languages while seeing average participation rates above 75% throughout the organization
  • 90.5% cumulative score on quizzes over pilot run, with quiz scores increasing by an average of 10% from the first week to the final week of the course
  • 86% of learners reported increased awareness in the the topics discussed
  • 94% of learners reported increases in confidence in the topics discussed
  • 90% of learners report that they would like to take additional courses via the THRIVE Learning System

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