The Need

412 Food Rescue has volunteers from all over the community, so they needed a simple, yet effective way to train their volunteers on food safety, while being able to monitor that training and make sure everyone’s understanding is where it needs to be.

They needed to deliver training both via email and text message to volunteers that would be completing the training on a variety of devices.

Finally, they needed a solution that was agile and flexible to allow them to update their training materials as needed.

The Solution

412 Food Rescue partnered with THRIVE Learning to develop a 10 lesson training program as an Introduction to Food Safety. The training module runs for 5 days, delivering 2 lessons per day to the volunteers.

THRIVE delivered lessons by both email and text message, and gave the 412 Training Team a way to review results in real-time and resend lessons to volunteers as needed.

The Results

  • Provided an on-demand training module that all new volunteers are enrolled in
  • Established a baseline of what it means to understand the basics of Food Safety Handling
  • Increased confidence from their Partners who know that 412 Food Rescue volunteers are trained and capable
  • Allowed 412 Food Rescue to monitor volunteer performance in real-time
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