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I really like the platform and content. It has provided a catalyst for me to think very differently and more thoroughly about things I thought I already knew. Thank you!

Senior Director

Really like the opportunity to complete the modules on my phone. Very helpful when travelling.

VP, Talent Management

THRIVE makes me think about different situations and how to better respond.

HR Advisor, Bayer MaterialSciences

A quick and effective way to send leadership tips, especially when everyone is so busy. It’s a good way to fit them in without overwhelming to an already packed schedule.

EVP, Human Resources

Always good to get reminders. And these lessons were very brief and straight to the point.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

It is critical for us as a company to understand our sales process and what common challenges our sales team is facing when closing business. As individuals we tend to feel that we have our own strengths and weaknesses when selling products or services. Thrive has helped our sales team pinpoint some common obstacles that we identified as personal weaknesses. This allowed us as a team to analyze and put a plan in place to overcome these challenges. We are continuing to eliminate these types of problems and growing our business.

TJ Henderson, VP Operations, Target Freight Management

I didn't find the THRIVE process very burdensome...overall I feel the THRIVE process would be an improvement over the current process.

Nuclear Design Engineer

It was a good experience and hopefully we'll become more efficient and impactful with (feedback) in the future. Thanks!

Engineering Manager

This program makes me aware of the little things that matter a lot but yet take for granted.

Community Affairs Representative

I enjoyed seeing the collective responses or examples from the group as it helped me get a bigger picture of how everyone was thinking

Sr. Manager, Integrated Marketing Lead
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