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May 11, 2020


Model Scoring Report Scoping to the Experience Level – This feature allows more granular reporting on our model sums and averages. We’ve taken model scoping from the program level all the way to each experience. This is especially useful for Sum Scores where the score adding up multiple times in a program takes it over the max allowable score.


PDF Reports – PDF reports continue to be refined. Admins can now hide the table of contents. We also added a feature to show only the average score on scale questions. The report was also improved visually with white space removed.


Various UI updates throughout platform. Email for further details.

March 26, 2020


Delivery Option within Self-Registration set-up – Programs can now auto-redirect after a participant signs up with a self-registration link. When the option has been enabled by the administrator, anyone registering for the program will not have to wait to receive the first experience. The subsequent experiences will then follow the set delivery template.

PDF Report Wizard – The platform has functionality now to create customized PDF reports that can be emailed to the group enrolled, an individual enrolled, or downloaded to your device. Within these reports, administrators have the option to include only certain schedule-based data or certain individuals. Reports can be enhanced further by adding comments throughout the report. These comments can be marked “important” and will then show as highlighted in the final report. PDF reports contain a standard section for Introduction and Conclusion text along with a Table of Contents.

New Question Type: Ranking – A sixth question type has been added allowing you to ask participants to rank a set of choices. This question type’s functionality includes design features from both multiple-choice and scale templates, allowing for ease of use and understanding.

New Report Type: Time Series – Time series report is a line graph designed to show model coded answers over a period of time. After a participant has recorded three data points, the Time Series report type will populate.


Scale Templates – Scale question types now have pre-set ranking templates to choose from to allow for time savings and uniformity. Admins also have the option to create custom templates and save these for further use.


Various UI updates throughout platform. Email for further details.

September 3, 2019


Delivery Options for Schedules – Schedules now have 3 options for delivery type. This is chosen when created a new schedule.

  1. Fixed – This schedule type is designed for when an Admin will be enrolling Users and Groups into a Program Schedule. Experience is completely determined by the delivery windows within the template assigned.
  2. Ongoing – This is the first schedule type that is designed for self-enrollment. The first Experience’s delivery is determined by the time of enrollment and the first delivery window. If a User enrolls BEFORE the first delivery window on a  given day, their Program will begin that day. If a user enrolled AFTER the first deliver window has ended, their program will begin the following day.
  3. Ongoing same day – This its the second schedule type designed for self-enrollment. The first Experience in the program will be delivered IMMEDIATELY upon enrollment, while the remainder of the Experiences will follow the attached delivery template.

New Email Designs – The following emails have been updated with fancy new designs:

a. Thrive branded Experiences

b. Self-Registration Confirmation

c. Password recovery


Optional Daily Admin Email – Admins can choose to receive a daily email reminder that will provide them a summary of platform activity related to their account:

  1. Upcoming Programs – Their programs that will begin in the next 24 hours
  2. Complete Program – Their programs that have ended in the past 24 hours – with participation details and direct link to report
  3. User enrollment and un-enrollment  – User data from the past 24 hours


Various UI updates throughout platform. Email for further details.

August 19, 2019


Mass User Upload – The only required items on a Mass Upload CSV Sheet are now Email, First name, and Last name.

There are no Organization or Group assignments made within the CSV Sheet. Group Membership is chosen from a dropdown within the CMS on the Mass Upload screen, while Organization Ownership is defined by the Organization being “worked as” at the time of the upload. If an Administrator is working as “master”, ownership will be assigned to their Home Organization.

The following columns are now optional:

Phone number

Notify type – if this column is left blank, the newly uploaded User’s notify type will be set to email.

Time zone – if this column is left blank, the default time zone assigned will be that of the uploading Administrator.

Note: The above optional columns can still be included and will function exactly as they did before.


Additional Comments from Scale Questions to CSV Report Export – If a user provided additional comments following a scale response, these comments now appear on the CSV download, in a column beside the scale response.

August 5, 2019


Organizations – Organizations were previously used to register Users, own platform objects, and enroll Users into programs. Now, Organizations are only used to register Users and owns platform objects – such as Experiences, Programs, Media, etc.


Groups – Groups are now used to mass enroll Users into Programs. Users can belong to 1, or many, Groups, depending on an Administrator’s needs. In order to Enroll a Group into a Program, select that Group’s name from the “Enroll Groups” dropdown when creating a new schedule. Multiple Groups can be enrolled into a single Program Schedule.

Administrators can find their “Groups” under the main “Users” dropdown within the platform.

Email Column to User List – When an Administrator is looking at their main list of Users, they will now see that User’s registered email beside the User’s first and last name.

Allow 31 Day Delivery Templates – To make the creation of Delivery Templates and scheduling of Programs easier for our Administrators, it is now possible to create 31 Day Delivery Templates.

Inherit Experiences with Program Ownership – If an Administrator assigns a new Organization ownership of a Program, they are not asked if they would also like to assign that same Organization ownership of all the Experiences within the Program. This ensures the a new owning Organization has access to and an edit that Program’s Experiences, without the Administrator having to assign ownership for each individual Experience.

June 10, 2019


‘Fill in the Blank’ Question Type – Thrive has introduced a brand new question type! Our Fill in the Blank Questions allow the content creator to include as many “blanks” as they would like in a question prompt, and then the end user fills in each blank using their keyboard. Currently, blanks are able to have a condition of “exact”, which means a content creator can define the expected answer they’d like the User to type. Once completed, an Administrator can refer these responses, organized by blank and frequency. Those “exact” responses are also highlighted for quick recognition of who is answering as expected. While still a work in progress, we are pleased to introduce this new feature to our customers.

Additional Scoping for Time-Series In-Frame Reports – When measuring things like “Positivity” or “Communication” based upon a User’s responses, you can now trend those responses over time as compared to a group average, letting a User quickly see where they fall in with the rest in their group. This can be used for specific Schedules, an entire Program, or All-Time, which stretches across multiple Programs.

Add “Scale Labels” to PDF Downloads – PDF downloads now have easily visible upper and lower limits on Scale Reports, as defined by the text used in the CMS.

Models and Attributes to CSV Exports – All CSV Exports now contain columns for MODEL and ATTRIBUTE. The Model is assigned to a question, while the Attribute refers to the actual choice selected within the questions. This allows for most robust data analysis post Program Schedule.


Models – Significant updates were made to Models throughout the platform, to enable increase scoping and usability when creating reports based on Models.


Self-Registrations – Self-Registrations previously had a glitch in which Ownership could not be transferred. This meant that only the creator was able to edit and use the Self-Registration form. This has been fixed, and ownership can now be shared by any Administrator with ownership over the form. Woo hoo!

March 22, 2019


Articles – Content creators can now publish “Articles”, which function much like blog posts that attach to Programs and are accessible by users via their Personal Portals. These Articles can include a feature Image and Video, and also include additional attachments such as pdfs or Word documents.


File Uploading – Any type of file – whether pdf, Word, or txt – can now be uploaded to your Media Library. These can then be attached to Articles or Programs.


Attribute and Index Model Reporting – A bug had previously caused Attribute and Index Model Reports to show only group reporting. This has been resolved, and these type of reports can now be scoped to User and Group Levels, and Schedule, Program, and All-Time Report Levels.

March 9, 2019


Personal Portals v1.0 – Personal Portals are the first Thrive User facing part of the Thrive platform, besides the actual Experiences of course 🙂 Right now Portals are a place for Users to compare their responses to others – soon they’ll be the place where people go to interact with each other and view insights that help them improve their actions and decisions.



Include Model Codings on CSV Exports – If a Model is attached to a Question, the Model and the associated coding is now included in CSV Exports, making for more powerful data analysis.


Removed Markdown from PDF Exports – Any Markdown used in Program Descriptions and Question Prompts are now removed from PDF Exports, improving readability for the end user.


Require pressing “Enter” button to submit Multiple Choice Response – Before, when a Multiple Choice was selected, Experiences continued automatically. Several users have noted this as inconvenient while increasing the possibility of submitting the wrong response by mistake. So we have it easier for you!

February 1, 2019


Custom Messaging for Brandings – Brandings can now include custom messages for completed Experiences, correct / incorrect quiz responses, and completed required open essays.


Scale Minimum Value = 0 – The numeral “0” can now be used as the lower value of a scale question’s range.


Signed-In As – Display the email address that is currently signed into the platform.



Image Upload – Clarify that images can either require a button to continue, or automatically continue after a set duration of time.

January 2, 2019


“Press Enter” to continue functionality when Experiences are accessed via desktop, allowing for smoother and faster user interaction.


Unenroll Functionality – this allows Users receiving Thrive Experiences to Unenroll from the Scheduled Program the Experience is attached to. This will prevent any additional Experience in the Program from being delivered to that User. This is optional functionality that is set by the Administrators when creating a Scheduled Program.


Audio Files as a new Media Type. Administrators can upload any MP3 File and include it within an Experience as a Media frame.


Attribute Model Reports – This allows an Administrator to attach an Attribute Model (for example, “Positivity”) and various numerical values to questions throughout Program(s). When an Attribute Model Report is added to an Experience, it will display that Users total score divided by the highest possible score as a %.


Delivery via Email and SMS simultaneously as a option for delivering Experiences. When selected, this will result in the User receiving both a text message and an email containing a link to their new Experience, allowing them to complete whichever they see first. As always, once completed, they will be notified of this if they happen to click on the Experience link via the other delivery method.



Search Bar – Each page of the Thrive Platform now allows Admins to search terms within a specific item, such as Experiences and Program, as well as Universally, which will display a table of all items containing the searched term, with each one identified by their specific item.


Improved look of In-Frame Reports, such as removing unnecessary axis lines on bar charts, to improve overall readability.


Pre-timed images are now defined in seconds, as opposed to milliseconds, in order to create a more natural, user friendly experience for Content Administrators.


Improved UI when creating Multiple Choice Questions to reduce the chance that an Administrator accidently adds another Choice when they are ready to Create the question.


Media Upload  – Improved transparency when new Media is selected or dropped for upload. Administrators now see a Progress Bar, and are then notified when the file is uploaded, saving, and completed and ready to use.


Uploading of Images into Media Library – Administrators are now required to select if an Image will be Pre-Timed before continuing to the next frame or require the User receiving the Experience to press a “Continue” button to move onto the next frame. Prior to this update, both options were required, resulting in confusion, as well as unnecessary requirements.


Error Messages when incompatible Media Files are attempted to be uploaded into the Media Library so that Administrators are immediately notified of this.


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