Julia Poepping from RedChairPGH wants to know exactly why Pittsburgh ranks 46th out of 53 top markets for women in tech.

For help, she’s partnered with us at Thrive to facilitate a 12 week long survey. The survey participants are 95% female and represent 18 companies in the Pittsburgh region. Over the course of the 12 weeks, Thrive is reaching out bi-weekly to interact with everyone for a few seconds, collecting small bites of data each time.

Brenda Vester, partner and vice president of strategy at Thrive, said the focus is on “microbehaviors,” or small acts that people do in the workplace that contribute to the broader culture over time.

So far, early results show that women in Pittsburgh tech feel alienated in the workplace at times. A few participants, who remain anonymous, described various uncomfortable moments:

“A male doctor got irritable with me and hung up the phone when I was unable to remote to his device to assist him.”

“People talking over me in meetings. We are on conference calls all day, and this is considered acceptable behavior.”

“A colleague asked me to make an improvement and the idea was immediately dismissed.”

Jz Stafura, partner and cognitive scientist at Thrive, said women in computer science often report that they feel less welcome or supported than men, based on other studies.

We’ll update everyone with full analysis when the study is completed in late February. In the meantime, check out this article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to learn more about the goals of the study, and what we’re seeing so far.

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