Once you have determined the coaching goals and intentions, gathered data and awareness around the issue, and determined your measures of behavior success, the real work begins!

The strategy towards success: create programs that include habit-building techniques, reflections, and apply Ecological Momentary Assessment, which is a fancy way to say we gather feedback about how participants act and feel in the moment. EMA is the gold standard for collecting behavior-based data.

A coach cannot be there every day to remind a coachee of goals or new behaviors to work on – that requires intrinsic commitment and discipline. Use Thrive to create a personal, digital check-in that not only reminds and inspires but captures in-the-moment feedback around what is working and where the roadblocks are. Trends are easier to spot with the rich data Thrive provides; this is imperative to guiding your client when you do meet.

Here are some examples of what you can share to drive motivation and behavior change…

  • Share inspirational messages/stories
  • Books
  • Ted Talks
  • Video messages from you!
  • Habit building techniques
  • Reflection moments

Goal Setting: Digitally

One of our coaches used Thrive to help his client think about her goals every day and capture her journey as she made behavior shifts. The coachee had a 90% participation rate and the coach had rich data, to help her and supporting communication for her manager. Click here for a sample experience. 

Shifting Mindsets

In this program, the coach educated her client on a learning mindset, to help support the client who struggled with a fixed mindset. Click here for a sample experience.

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