Building awareness includes sharing information, new skills development, and habits as well as collecting data from the people around them. Thrive gives you the tools to create programs with your content and determine when it will be delivered to your clients through our flexible scheduler. 

Share information and collect data that supports a new habit or behavior your client is trying to shift and provide valuable insights and 360 data. This works great for teams or individuals and your design is unique to your expertise.  

Case Studies

Salesforce adoption is a challenge.

Shannon Gregg, CEO of Cloud Adoption Solutions, created this measure to help guide her clients as they better understand the critical qualitative behaviors that support the quantitative measures that Salesforce captures. 

Crowdsourcing Advice and Feedback

Blog: Feedback: Why you should be asking for it

Gather data around a very specific topic from clients or a niche audience to help you discover trends and share real-time feedback. This program is designed to capture knowledge from women who don’t have time to mentor but have a lot of great advice to share.   

Click the following links for example experiences: 

You can also digitally coach around key topics, like feedback.  Thrive developed a 2-week program to be used prior to performance reviews to help participants better understand the art of giving and receiving feedback.  

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