The Growth of Digital Healthcare

Investors in the space poured record investment dollars into digital health startups in 2020: $14.2 billion globally and $9.2 billion domestically, according to Crunchbase data. Why? Because data holds the key to better healthcare outcomes.

Thrive uses the power of digital messaging to reach participants easily. With no login required, the unique links increase the ease of access. Participants receive messaging that is empathetic and resonates with them; this boosts engagement and drives results. In order to collect the best data, you must have the best collection methods.

The Power in the Data

Thrive’s scientific foundation allows the collection of the highest quality data. Our data, which can be combined with data from other systems, provides the most complete, most accurate overall picture. “Data collected everywhere, from apps to electronic medical records to wearables, will enable more comprehensive, digital approaches to health care problems.” (Forecast: Healthcare, 2021

Being able to view and filter through more data allows complex health issues to be managed more effectively and comprehensively. Patients need more support and guidance to change their behaviors to manage chronic conditions. When these conditions are managed, savings are achieved due to device adherence, less emergency room visits, less inpatient stays, etc. 

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