Thrive uses Models to represent the data collected from the Measures we take during the course of a conversation facilitated through the Thrive platform.

The Thrive platform is a conversational tool that allows for honest feedback gathering in short interactions. The ability to use Models to represent data collected from Measures taken during the course of these conversations reveals another dimension. This dimension to the information can be used to promote or detract from a proposed decision.

Thrive impact through conversation

The division has a new product strategy in development. Before the plan is rolled out, the leaders want to see how everyone feels about it. They thought about having a group meeting or even one-on-one’s, but they know that its hard to be super honest in those situations. 

The leaders choose to have this conversation over the Thrive platform instead. The methodology that the platform is built on allows the leaders to capture the most honest feedback without eating up a lot of the team’s time.

The questions asked are measured based on the Model chosen. Choosing the Belief model would then show if the team really thought this would succeed. Confidence would also be another applicable Model that could then display the level of confidence that this new product strategy is the right one.

Models reveal another layer

In addition to the explicit comments, there would also be a level of Belief associated with the answers that would allow one to see that even though they understand the idea they don’t believe in it. 

It’s possible to understand something but not really believe in it. This decreases the chances of success within the group and indicates the idea needs more validation.

The Model scoring would illuminate this issue, allowing the leaders to pivot and target this shortcoming in a timely manner. Being able to address these issues in real-time and before they cause a large bump in the road allows the company to not waste time and money.

This added dimension of understanding improves the likelihood of making a good decision.

Higher levels of understanding

Thrive Models allow insight into a higher level of understanding in complex environments. The Thrive platform’s built-in functionality makes this process relatively painless for the facilitator while returning impactful results that help you make better decisions and have better days.

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