The Thrive Platform is designed to serve as a conveyor of important information that is exchanged among individuals and groups using a digital communication platform.

In that sense, Thrive is just like many other communications platforms that have become the “switching centers” of our lives. 

In some cases, we are reading static communications in the form of emails, texts, and social media posts, in others we are checking our bank account balance, stock portfolios, or ApplePay transactions. 

When we need a job we use platforms, the same as when we need a movie to watch or a meal delivered.

You can buy anything from a platform now that you can buy in the physical world, and that has happened in the time from a speech I gave at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh that showed that Amazon-like platforms were going to become a ubiquitous channel for commerce to an audience still shorting Amazon because in 1998 it was still considered quirky niche.

That type of misunderstanding has accompanied most advancements that compare to the Internet, Electricity, Cars, Phones, Computers and more all went through the skeptical stage because it is hard for us to imagine unforeseen scenarios in areas with little or no historical references.

One of the common things we hear is that people have “Platform Fatigue.” This is an indication they may be a victim of a cognitive bias we know as the Semmelweis Effect, where areas of commerce change so fast that the bias holds us back from accepting new technology as quickly as we should.

Buyers making decisions based on less accurate information are susceptible to sellers who like to sell what they have as long as possible so it results in a poor outcome for the buyer and a limited future for the seller.

When our customers start working with Thrive they already have all the technology that is needed; we are 99.999% sure that computers, smartphones, and tablets are used in your business.

Customers “meet” Thrive through these devices in the mode they prefer, text, email or messaging, and the interface is so familiar no tech training is needed, so the benefits are closer and more quickly recognized. Our conversations carry large amounts of information in both directions with the feedback from the conversation altering the tone and focus, just as any interesting conversation does. 

The transfer of high quality and verified information throughout an organization or value chain has never been this straightforward, comprehensive, or as easy to reference and categorize into immediately useful knowledge.

If you would like your company to become more profitable by increasing the rate and quality of knowledge building within your organization, contact us at or visit at

We are grateful for your attention, we hope you are Thriving.

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