There has been quite a bit of talk in the business community over the last few years around storytelling as the way to convey something that feels like an “experience” rather than an advertising pitch. The ability to utilize a little “theory of mind” and provide a cue that starts your customer imagining how much better they will feel with your offering.

There is certainly a long history of people telling stories that become foundational to societies with an impact that lasts for centuries. Stories take full advantage of the uniquely human ability to imagine a situation that has never been experienced, literally creating a new world where laws of physics can be ignored.

The problem with this as a method of communication is that there is an inherent directionality of the information in a story set by the storyteller that the story listener needs to follow to get to the conclusion. Add that to the tendency to hyperbole and you see the current state of advertising is to skip the product features entirely and just tell a funny story starring a trusted spokesperson, literally a fake character telling completely nonsensical stories.

Storytelling is a favorite method of communicating the value of things like our own Thrive Platform. In our sales pitches we ask our customers to imagine how much better their lives could be if they embraced the concepts of our Thrive methodology. But stories have a clear beginning and an end, whereas our lives go on day after day, month after month and year after year, so how did move from stories on how to catch a Mastodon for the tribe to figuring out how to feed 7 billion people you don’t even know?

The answer is that we had ongoing and evolving conversations, where we learned about how to create those imaginary futures, some to be advanced to “modern” ways of doing things and others that fall by the wayside because they were built on a false narrative. That is a major advantage of conversations over stories; conversations inherently validate or invalidate concepts over time as long as the belief that what should be isn’t so strongly held that even opposing facts can’t shake one’s view.

Business decisions shouldn’t be made on beliefs alone, they need to made after input is given by everyone with “skin in the game”, regardless if you are selling freight loads or providing life-improving medical device. There is always a chain of occurrences that impact different stakeholders in different ways.

A conversational platform like Thrive’s is a reaction to the growing complexity in business. Today’s customer problems are increasingly situational and transient, putting a system in place to catch a problem next quarter may not make sense if the situation changes bi-weekly. To work through these unique complex problems requires Critical Thinking, Validation of Assumptions, Maintaining a Questioning Attitude (Growth Mindset) – all skills that can now be added to your organization with no real need for people to “know” what critical thinking is, any more than you would need to understand the physics of braking systems to stop your car. 

Our AWS hosted platform provides a high powered and secure framework that facilitates conversations at any scale or geographical location that insure that ideas are thought of clearly, correctly, and with all stakeholders involved and informed.

Conversational programs are not surveys, nor online classes, they are designed to uncover and maximize the full capacity of your organizations thinking at a level that has never been approached with old management techniques built on Taylor-like manufacturing principles and the debunked ideas that people are of fixed personality types, can’t change and will always react the same way to a situation.

We know that people aren’t corporate assets because assets can’t have conversations, but those warm-blooded competitors to your latest AI implementation have shown they are capable of having conversations that have lead to everything you see around you, and everything of value that we have ever created.

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