THRIVE is a conversational platform that allows the general functionality of a survey – questioning – to be easily combined with education and influence, creating buy-in and belief around the topics most important to you, your employees, partners and customers. Let’s begin with a short discussion on the problems traditional surveying presents, and then we’ll dive into the THRIVE advantages. Thanks for reading!

The Problem with Surveys

One-way interactions

There is little about a survey that feels “interactive” or “conversational”, and it’s difficult to create the feeling of them building upon each other over time, as a collaborative way to reach group understanding, and then make informed decisions based on the results.

Cognitive biases

If people can’t remember something well, we fill in the blanks, and these blanks are often grounded in our most recent experiences, regardless of the topic of the survey. This isn’t the type of data you want to drive your decision making.

Survey Fatigue

Predictability – Lack of interaction and customization leads to people “knowing what to expect” when they first get a survey, so we often “check-out” before they even begin.

Length – Surveys often try to discuss multiple topics via long series of questions. If presented more than one topic, and more than a few questions, if we hadn’t already, we’ll definitely “check-out” because of this.

The end result is data you can’t trust, not because people lie or mislead intentionally, but because the format of traditional surveys are not in-line with the way people recall their experiences and then assess them – something we are just beginning to understand.

The THRIVE Advantages

THRIVE is conversational

We use short, conversational Experiences that can combine text, multi-media, and questions. Rather than simply explaining the purpose of the survey, and then presenting question after question, THRIVE makes it easy to prime people with short, pre-timed image cues or videos, ask a question or two, while also giving folks the opportunity to expand on their responses if they like. Text can be interleaved throughout, making sure everyone knows exactly why they are being asked each question, and what the goals of their eventual feedback are.

THRIVE is flexible

Our scheduling system allows for randomness within time constraints. This enables on-going surveying over-time, as well as enabling you to contact people at specific times – such as immediately following a meeting. We designed this based on the principals of Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA). Research shows that the closer you can get to interacting with someone in their natural environment, when they are performing a task or thinking about a topic, the more honest that data becomes, as cognitive biases are reduced.

THRIVE gives back

THRIVE uses ongoing feedback as a way of increasing engagement by letting folks know they are “being heard”. This also let’s you make sure that those interacting are given the opportunity to understand why their responses are important and valued.

Surveys are just one area where THRIVE can offer an affordable and scalable solution with superior results when compared to traditional methods.

To learn more, please contact us or reach out direct to me at to learn more. 

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