A Conversational Communication Platform

Thrive is a conversational communications platform and decision discovery system that can be configured in many ways. We learned this over our 5 years in business from the suggestions of hundreds of customers. This isn’t a surprise; a functioning Thrive System is essentially a Conversation and human beings like to talk about a lot of different things. 

But we have learned that the most important thing about any conversation is how relevant and interesting it is to the participants, WHY am I listening is the question always running in the thinking person’s mind..

As some examples of our conversations to date, we have built conversational systems in the medical field communicating to Diabetes, Sleep Apnea and COPD patients working to adhere to medical plans through making better decisions. These individuals have to make micro decisions all day, every day, and each of those decisions defines what their future lives will be like. They often know what to do, but a situation can override their better judgement, and sometimes we just forget things we don’t like to remember.

Chronically ill patients who are making literally existential decisions need more than habits to succeed, they need to be confident that they can build a proper behavior in any situation, even the unimaginable ones that will occur in their lives.

The foundation for those behaviors to be built each time are strong and deeply held beliefs concerning the type of life they want to lead and the changes in their current actions they need to eliminate to achieve and maintain that vision. Habits can’t easily address changing challenges in your routine, strongly held beliefs are adaptable to your situation.

This is important so that every situation they encounter that can be biased with bad influences can be recognized  and mediated with knowledge that your perspectives might be skewed by a bias, so think again about the longer term outcomes.

Measurement Models Make the Difference 

We have worked with HR and Innovation Centers in large corporations who were looking to measure the factors that mediate and bias decision making. Thrive’s Confidence and Belief Measurement Models are real time, lightweight learning systems, providing value at another level compared to surveys and block learning programs. Thrive disrupts the impact of Cognitive Biases in your organization and value network, the result is better decisions, better outcomes with less invested time.

Coach Collaboration

But some of the most powerful and unique Thrive Systems have been developed in our collaboration with Professional and Executive Coaches. These are coaches who have been working to improve their clients lives from the start of their coaching career, coaches who have great content, and a receptive audience that will benefit in a tangible way from knowing what the coach has to tell them. These are also coaches who have used technologies as an augmentation to their thinking all along their career path and are ready to amplify their thinking and provide value that no AI system could provide.

Thrive uses AI, but we configure it as Ancillary Intelligence, using it mainly to look for any biases that our input may be providing to the decision and minimizing it along with the external factors that introduce biases. Some of the common biases are Hyperbolic Discounting, Anchoring, Availability, Semmelweis Effect and Recency Bias. Any one of these or all of them might come into force in the heat of the moment of decision and Thrive Systems gives you a lens so you have a chance of avoiding the mistakes biases cause.

Digitize your Coaching

Getting started with Thrive is not hard, we have processes and onboarding that takes minutes of your time, and flexible pricing to meet the resources of one person Coaching companies to large scale organizations looking for their next leap ahead.

Many of these coaches start with a simple trial where they transform their methods and content into a Thrive Conversational Program. These transformations have been accomplished with some of our content experts in a matter of days, and in some cases it takes one conversation and our customers find the platform and its Help System enough for them to create their Alpha Program. 

Coaches are typically very smart and equally driven so many soon see the way to add Thrive’s Models into their conversations to accelerate their mutual learning speed like the Ludicris Mode accelerates a Tesla. 

Coach Benefits: Measuring and Scaling

What does a Coach gain by taking less time to deliver their results? One clear advantage is that they move their clients’ appreciation of their value away from the things that they DO, meetings, seminars, presentations, to the outcomes they DELIVER.

Measurements of new KPI’s that they develop on the Thrive System allows them to move the needle on retention, engagement, productivity, and innovation. Once a company starts to see the underlying factors that build Confidence and Belief and maintain it over time, with a very low time commitment by all parties involved, the Coach can find other clients with no increase in their committed hours.

Thrive’s Design Boosts Your Coaching

There are many digital tool sets available to interact, some say too many as they each strive to achieve broad applications that bump into each other and add more noise than signal. The Thrive System was designed to be used in a tightly focused way to deeply understand complex topics using new (relatively) theories and from Cognitive Neuroscience.

What we found in our first five years was that the theories could be implemented successfully and they provided insights that were either impossible or very expensive to learn using the current options. Most of the tools developed before the Thrive System were made to interrogate rather than converse, they might be Tiny but they didn’t provide any agency to the participants, only the proctor or survey designer.

Thrive builds conversational systems that are symmetrical and provide content and feedback in all directions, resulting in a very fast learning curve and a considerable amount of confidence and trust across all participants.

Coaches need to adapt to clients needs rapidly and The Thrive System can allow for a unique conversation to be added to your portfolio, and the resultant data can be melded and blended into the a priori results, even over years.

We’re ready to partner

This is what great Coaches do, and with Thrive they can provide their value for more clients without the considerations of coordinating meeting times, traveling long distances or extending projects because of logistical delays.

Coaches can use Thrive in a simple or as complex a manner as the case and your methods may demand, and can evolve along with your practice to allow for the creation of unique IP that becomes a valuable part of your practice.

To learn more and get started, email Joe at jstafura@gothrive.io or click here to read more blogs.

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