Not everyone is a data nerd

…but most of us at Thrive are. Keeping that in mind, we made data available on all levels for our users. At the most granular level, data is available on a participant basis. We step up from there to a schedule level and then at a higher level based on anyone who has ever participated in the program..

This structure allows you to tag, or organize, your data even before it’s sent out for ease of interpreting. But if you want to dive in differently after the data has been collected, you can export it all to a .csv file and go from there!

Reports for Presentations

Everyone loves a pretty report (well, as long as the data is legit, which ours is!). So we revamped the Thrive PDF Report and made it a dynamic, user-friendly, customizable report. After you go through the creation screens, you’ll have a presentation ready report that can be shared three ways: downloadable .pdf file, a shareable, live URL, or email directly to recipients from our platform.

We think you will love this PDF report because its simple to use and everything is in one package. You’ll start with a designated space for an executive summary. The report can show as much or as little data as you want, allowing you to easily tell a story with your report. There are places for you to input your comments and highlight them so they stand out to your reader. If there are thought-provoking responses within the data set, you can also star and highlight those to call them out along with leaving your comments within the report. The document wraps up with a conclusion page, so you can leave your closing thoughts and direct readers to next steps.

Start a Conversation

When you start a conversation with Thrive, you will have rich data to review. We’re hopeful you love our reporting capabilities as much as we do. If you’d like to check it out in more detail, reach out to for a 30-minute demo.

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