I was introduced to coaching as a term in 1999. I drove to Canada to see Thomas Leonard, the founder of the Coaching Federation, speak at what was his last conference as he sadly passed of a heart attack that year. That conference changed my career: as I moved from HR to deliver and sell coaching. 

Having delivered a ton of ‘soft’ training in a typical corporate setting, it was always so obvious: we teach something and most of the time it was never activated in the field – leadership ignored it or the program was just a check off the list.  

Coaching was new and attractive. I was drawn to the process as it was driven by outcomes; it was a way to create real change. Our measures were all very subjective and mostly done with paper.  Most digital tools used were to help track and schedule appointments and track various admin tasks.  There was very little technology to help the coach with the actual coaching.  

Technology is Everywhere

Fast forward 20 years – coaches are everywhere because it works!  While it started as a very expensive and personalized process for executives, it has expanded in businesses as well as people’s personal lives. I knew we needed technology to scale coaching to make it more accessible, but I never saw anything close to the vision of Thrive. 

Coaches have more opportunities than ever before as technology has become more accessible – a coach has more tools to connect to more people. While free technology is available and attractive, that can potentially be a large security risk. Thrive is HIPAA and GDPR compliant, allowing coaches to feel confident the sensitive feedback they are collecting is stored in the safest manner possible.

An Affordable Technology

Thrive is not free, but it is affordable for any coach.  It will not be free, as we intend on upholding the most secure standards as we grow.  And our game is not to sell your data. You can rest assured that your work is safe and secure with Thrive.

Data. Science. Measures. Bias. Digital 

These are all common words in our economic, political, business, and social systems.  We see it in our personal lives as we chase the quantified self! Many of us are in search of our next best self. Self-help is a $10 billion dollar industry. 

Behavioral economics is gaining more traction and the art of application utilizing these theories along with technology in the real world is in demand.  In the past 12 months there has been an uptick in positions for behavior scientists in-house.

Current Events Driving Coaching Demand

These shifts, along with COVID-19 and changes to the workplace, are highlighting the need for good coaches, with expertise ranging from health, business, fitness, resilience, and more.  Coaches who understand how to guide behavior change at the individual level is the current need.

Coaches also have to shift how they work: fewer interactions and less time coupled with more pressure for proof of ROI means it is time for coaches to review their tech stack and how they can deliver state-of-the-art coaching. The future of coaching looks like finding new ways to compete, learning to weave technology into the coaching model providing innovative ways to coach one person, teams, or 1000 people, and, most importantly, measure behavior and mindset shifts against any goal. 

Baked into the Thrive software are theories that enable this ability – further differentiating Thrive as an accessible, affordable tool for coaches. These theories allow coaches to collect data with the least bias and get the best feedback from their clients – all without you having to think about it!

A New Standard of Coaching

In my 20 years, every good coach I know has a structure to their process and the way they work with a coachee.  Here are a couple of superstars: Marshall Goldsmith and Tony Robbins. These coaches have resources and are at the top of the game.  However, with Thrive, YOU can begin to compete in an entirely new way…one that does not build on the old paradigm but creates a new standard of coaching

Coaching with Thrive

Let’s take a look at Thrive through the lens of a standard process of coaching.   

We will do this in a series of blogs by aligning each step to a new way to interact with your audience without losing the personal touch. We will use the coaching process we follow to create coaching programs, 360’s, surveys, measures, and reporting.  

Today, we will introduce the model, shown below, and each week we will walk through how Thrive digitizes critical parts of the coaching process to give you an edge.

For more information about coaching, contact Brenda@gothrive.io directly. 

If you are interested in a full demo, please contact danielle@gothrive.io.







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