I love the start of the new year;  fresh with opportunity, space to build and grow in new ways.  Especially 2020; new year and decade!

I used to love making resolutions;  all the sweeping changes that rarely stuck.  I am no longer a fan. Resolutions represent a fixed mindset to me.

So black and white, you are either quitting something cold turkey or trying to do something perfect right out of the gate.  It is a pretty harsh way to start the year when you think of it.

I am not alone in my lack of success, as new years resolutions are notorious for failure.  However, we humans like certainty so much that we will keep doing the same things, over and over, even when we do not get our desired results.

This happens as we facilitate change in the workplace.  Big transformations look great on paper, but the people aspect is rarely understood or given the respect deserved.

Building new habits takes time, and change is a process.  Whether it is personal or professional, relapse is very common when making a change.  The good news in that small failure is you learn!  You don’t start from the beginning, you try again knowing more about yourself or the business and you can make a better plan the next go around.   This is a growth mindset in action!  

Rather than resolutions, I set intentions. Intentions are more than a goal, they are visions that include an emotional component and a preferred state or the activities of my future self.

I look at those intentions and reflect where I am now, then consider the behaviors I want to see more or less of, that support who I want to become.  That vision is a motivator and a compass I can refer to throughout the year.

You can look at your business the same way.  Forcing and pushing change through will power has always been really hard work.  Our complex and hyper-connected world complicates it further.

A vision with intentions leaves room for shifting mindsets and incorporating feedback from the world. It is a softer approach to change that allows space for experimentation.

Those who understand this can better lead a business or self through transformation.  Changing in more positive, healthy and realistic ways.

Yep, as we begin 2020, I fully intend to have zero resolutions.



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