Thrive has a few core values that are central to our company’s mission: Gratitude, Open-Mindedness, Humility, and Excellence.

Our simple explanation of this to our customers and partners is that we hope that the people with Thrive in their lives have “Better Days”.

A recent trial with a complex product manufacturer suffering from a high return rate of their products gave us another example of what providing better days looks like.

Better Days are Highly Subjective

As a knowledge worker: a co-worker provides you with great information through a Thrive Experience that enables you to complete a task and delight a customer.

As a diabetic: a day with a lower A1C reading because of the lifestyle changes you learned through Thrive’s Reveal Your Power program.

As a regional president: issues are effectively mitigated and morale is saved when feedback comes in a quick loop allowing you to react swiftly and directly to your employees’ specific comments.

Those are the kind of feelings that we love to provide. The trial of satisfying multiple groups at once within the same program gave us another look at the mutual reciprocity inherent in the Thrive Platform.

The Complex Product Manufacturer

Like most companies, they had a large sales team around their complex product; medical personnel, informed consent requirements, ordering processes, logistics support, field staff notification, scheduling and call centers, and in-home support all had a role in the process. The coordination and training tied into these roles was expensive.

The realization that a returned product could cost between $1,000 and $2,000 really drove the client to understand that customer acceptance of the product tool was a must! 

The design and the implementation of the Thrive Platform towards providing a digitized version of the process required a lot of planning and testing, but looking at the results made the wait worthwhile. Over a three month period, products were sold and supported by both the traditional channel and the Thrive Platform.

The Result

In the very first trial, Thrive helped lower product returns by 10% while delivering the product at a lower cost and providing new revenue from the service. Even with only half of their sales going through the Thrive Platform in 2020, our system would generate revenue gains of over $5 million dollars initially, along with gaining the LTV of 10% more customers a year.

Yes, we want people to have better days, and this client’s customers interacting with Thrive would have better days using the product. We are all about mutual benefits. In this case, the company is having better days also, with sales quotas being met more easily and a better understanding of what today’s customers want with every Thrive conversation.

Better Days for All

Thrive wants everyone to have a better day – that means your customers, your employees, and your bottom line. Send us a quick note and we’ll schedule 15 minutes to see how we can improve your days.

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