Just this past month, we had a request from a global Leadership and Development team asking for a solution to help them  ‘measure what matters’.  This was an exciting shift in language, as it shows an organizational readiness for modern measurement. It is no secret that learning is difficult to sustain and measure.   The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve provides data around this.   If new connections are not strengthened, we will forget and apply little of what we learned.
A VUCA world makes this even more difficult. It is particularly tricky as we learn skills like listening;  we have to remember the skills, and practice the new behaviors, putting learning into action.

We have to move from measuring: number of people trained; training spend; learner satisfaction surveys

To measuring:  application; behaviors shifts; impact to the business

Many L&D leaders know how to measure what matters at the more senior levels through personalized and group coaching.  The ability to scale coaching and measurement has been an un-met need for a long time; budget, time and staff constraints prevented movement.
Digital technology is now transforming training.  We have the ability to follow training investments to the front line of your business, supporting each individual, as well as the L&D team’s understanding of training relevance.
Thrive’s digital coaching process is scalable and customizable, enabling the measurement of what matters to your business.  We support, measure and gather feedback as individuals apply new behaviors.
It is an exciting time to be in the world of training and development!   If you would like to have a conversation about measuring what matters in your business, contact me at Brenda@gothrive.io.
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