When we started building and testing our Thrive platform we dug deeply into cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics to better serve our clients.

We felt it was really important to provide something of the highest possible value to our clients, with the desired constraint of working within the bounds of Ecological Momentary Assessment and using Interval and Interleaved learning methods based on our connection to the work being done in Learning and Research Development.

Along the path to our current product, there has been a cluster of companies who work in the areas MicroSurveys; TinyPulse, Peakon, and Rhabit are some of the groups who have nifty and simple to use products that are easily confused with Thrive.

We have a Learner’s Dilemma

You have all likely heard some reference to the Prisoner’s Dilemma; if you haven’t and would like to learn a little about it, read a past blog here.

What we have here is a Learner’s Dilemma. While we would like to make learning easier, you run into the problem Einstein pointed out about hard topics, “You should make your explanations as simple as possible but no simpler.”

The fact is that learning anything worthwhile is hard, and learning interpersonal skills is even harder, so this means the Ebberhaus Forgetting Curve is much steeper.

Swiping and hitting “Like” and “Unlike” buttons does very little to instill the skills at the two levels that they need to be embedded in our memories for maximum retention. Sustained behavior change or a deep understanding of how behavior and habits impact our goals Is highly unlikely.

Thrive makes it sticky

Thrive works to embed the skills in a vertical cognitive manner through repetitions and then embeds them horizontally so they are associated with some context. This allows the retrieval of information more accurately. Click here to learn more about the science of remembering and how to make it “stickier.”

That is why our programs ask people to participate and write something, and then share the responses, either individually or as a group. They’re thinking in a way that induces critical thinking…hard work made less hard is what we promise.

How it translates

This is foundational to coaching and learning and supports the Mental Models that Thrive helps our customers build over time, creating an understanding of the values and norms that create the culture. 

Is that as easy as hitting a “Like” button, or answering one general question? 

Hell no it isn’t! 

Is learning chess as easy as checkers?  Is learning Minecraft as easy Tic-Tac-Toe?

So we want our customers to know that Thrive isn’t a click and go; it isn’t something you sign up for with your email and send something out 10 minutes later.

If they are looking for something simple and quick then maybe they aren’t ready to truly transform their organization into the “Self-Organizing Learning Organization” that Thrive is able to help them build. Our methods around creating an ecosystem that benefits the modern knowledge worker are more complex and require buy-in and a partnership with our clients.

Like any good learning experience that has helped you in the past, Thrive has plenty of challenging moments, but the rewards are much greater.

We look forward to understanding your aspirations at the front end of our relationship, working to build the customized feedback loops connecting your stakeholders intelligently and effectively so that your company can learn faster than the competition.  

So if you are ready to work a little harder than hitting a “Like” and watch your company grow through the unique lenses Thrive provides into your operations, reach out to us at info@gothrive.io

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