A Trick of the Mind

While driving home yesterday on a long stretch of road that leads downhill to a busy intersection the curvature of the asphalt and yellow lines provided a perspective that made it appear that I wasn’t moving.

The illusion lasted a second or two at the most but long enough that it provided a simple example of relativity.

Relative to the ground and street signs I was moving 20 MPH, but relative to the 2 dozen cars in front of me my position was stationary.

Which Mental Model?

We think a lot about perceptions at Thrive and how they are often driven by the use of the wrong “Mental Model” for the situation.

The misperceptions that matter are those that trigger a causal chain of events. These are sometimes called “Paradoxes,” which we will define as a seemingly sound proposition based on facts that lead to an unexpected and often unacceptable outcome.

To use the earlier example, if at that moment where it appeared to my visual system we were stationary I decided to step out of my car the outcome would have been totally unexpected, and very painful, if not fatal.

Understanding what is changing matters and what isn’t “relative to your interest” as a knowledge worker is the main feature of Thrive’s suite of products.

The Right Thrive Program

For the individual trying to understand how the important people in their network honestly see you and your abilities, “The Experience of You” is an empowering self-development tool for modern workers. This twist on the 360 review is self-administered and useful for everyone from entrepreneurs to employees; anyone who wants control over their development path.

Groups and teams find that out Insight2Action Programs create incredibly accurate pictures of their operations that allow them to understand how to solve problems more successfully in less time.

Dubbed by one of our clients as a “Meeting Killer,” with the real payback being seeing high quality solutions being driven by internal talent operating at a very high level. 

For the really big decisions that could make or break the organization, our partner company 21DayStory.com is disrupting the high end consulting market.

They replaced 12-month engagements and hundreds of meetings with an ingenious cloud-based process that solves these issues in detail and at equal or higher quality in 21 days!

A recent client developed a new area of business complete with ideation, creation, implementation, customer validation, and annual budgets in 21 days while pulling only 44 minutes of time from their calendar over the entire 21 days to engage in the process.

All voices heard with no biases

You can’t do that in a meeting, and while virtual meetings and communication eliminate the travel, they do nothing to lower the impact of biases on your decisions like the Thrive methodology does with ease.

To measure what matters you need to know what’s relative to your situation – and more importantly, what isn’t!

Find out how our methods can help you: info@gothrive.io

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