Thrive + Kibana Dashboards = Magic

Coaches and consultants work tirelessly to understand their clients’ needs, wants, and fears, collecting information through face to face, phone and video calls, and digital conversations. Each of those modes has pros and cons, and with current conditions, factors can move from convenience to personal safety in the blink of an eye.

In this blog, we are excited to announce our recent integration with Kibana, the display component of the Elasticseach – Log Stash – Kibana (ELK) technology stack. 

Client Reporting Upgrade: what it means for you

This means the market’s most advanced information gathering and induction system now works seamlessly to turn your Surveys and Digital Programs into beautiful and compelling images and stories that create clarity in a fraction of the time of traditional Text/Image display systems.

Having the highest level of display capabilities and functionality tied to Thrive’s robust conversational system means you can take the results of question types such as Multiple Choice, Quiz, Numerical Scale, Fill in the Blanks, or Essay then pass modeled and raw data collected in Thrive Programs to Kibana and it’s deep array of options and views. 

Compelling and Powerful Data Visualization

Starting with Thrive’s rich and labeled data sets you can now display your findings and outcomes in a visual context that increases comprehension, belief, and retention – all deliverables that increase your perceived value and your hourly billing rate.

Figure 1.  An example dashboard pulling in information from Thrive’s Happiness Challenge program. 

Clients can contract Kibana developers and trainers from a large pool. A recent Google search for “Kibana Developers” delivered almost a million returns, which is one of the advantages of leveraging a mature Open Source product for our clients’ benefit and ours. 

Figure 2. A simple Canvas showing one user’s Happiness Score as measured on one date. 

A Feature to Meet your Needs

We have a tight focus on meeting the future needs of clients whose business depends on understanding complex issues through the collection of information. This is the next level up from the platform started with Thrive’s three foundational principles: Ecological Momentary Assessment, Micro-Experiences, and Interval Learning Methods which promote feedback and connection to individual goals and values.

Visualization has become an area of specialization. Large companies have focused on the dashboard area – raising the expectations to new levels. For small companies that are focused on enabling our clients to build better programs that deliver what they are looking for in clear and unambiguous ways, we are delighted to be able to offer our clients and partners a system that meets state of the art standards in an affordable configuration.

Thrive’s Price to Performance Advantage

If you are a current user of Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, Typeform, or other surveying-like tools you might benefit from Thrive’s Price/Performance ratio. From our ease of onboarding, short learning curve, access to high-end capabilities, and a variety of reporting options (including our dynamic PDF report), Thrive is changing the game in coaching for the better. 

Read more here on how to take your business to the next level with Thrive and how Thrive is your path to measurable results.

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