When we looked at the research concerning Obstacles and Opportunities for coaches, the top Obstacles coaches identified were “Untrained Coaches.” This was bolstered by another response where “Marketplace Confusion” was seen as a detriment to gaining more business. Another problem that came up in other studies was the difficulty of growing a coaching practice that had a Coach to Coachee ratio of larger than 15:1. As individuals and groups hit that ceiling there is either a loss of lifestyle or a deterioration in the quality of the service.

While this could be bad news to the coaching business, it could also mean that a different business model might be available to allow that Coach to Coachee ratio to exceed 25 or 30:1. Replacing humans with technology in the areas has stalled at the TinyPulse level – nice to be able to schedule a message, but the messages are not as relevant and verifiable as the kind of help a coach provides their clients.

We created Thrive to help solve this problem for coaches, starting 10 years before COVID would force us into a model of more work functions at a distance. The distance part is a part of the equation towards increasing the coach:coachee ratio, but it isn’t the whole story.

For great coaches the opportunity is to use a method of communication that delivers both written information and quantifiable data in its feedback loops, essentially giving a coach richer and multi-dimensional feedback.

What we mean by multi-dimensional is the detection, collection, and modeling of emotional and peripheral components of the response. Just like a good listener we look for tone, sentiment, and some other higher-level measures such as Confidence, Self-Efficacy, and Trust.

Now instead of having to take up 30-60 minutes on the phone or a Zoom, Thrive’s easy to learn system provides an ongoing dialog with clients that the coach can evaluate quickly, turning their effort immediately to the toughest needs of the clients instead of interpreting data and putting out small fires.

If you have your own methods, and if you are the type of coach that would appreciate Thrive we would guess you do, chances are they can be melded into Thrive’s conversational system. The client sees your branding and identity being upfront at all times. In the deepest sense Thrive is the coaches industry “Intel Inside”.

We say this because just as Intel allowed computers to scale to provide great services at lower costs for more people, Thrive enables great coaches to take their message to more people in need, with as good or better effectiveness than they have now.

Even better, Thrive provides you the proof through robust reporting like our dynamically updating online PDF’s so your client sees daily updates and feels like a gold star client.

So try “Thrive Inside” paired with your coaching practice and learn how you can become a great coach to more people with no sacrifice of quality or lifestyle and a large increase in billings and earnings.

For a demo on how Thrive can help you grow your business reach out to danielle@gothrive.io

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