Managing Chronic Health Conditions

Managing chronic health conditions requires that those impacted make healthy decisions and lifestyle changes. Those without access to the educational resources needed to make informed decisions, along with the support to reinforce healthy habits, are likely to find it extremely difficult to manage their condition.

Health conditions for which management relies heavily on the decisions and actions of the individual cannot be treated only by periodic trips to the doctor and medication. Treatment for these types of chronic conditions require individuals to make lifestyle changes. For example, changes in diet and physical activity. This means making the right decisions and building new habits.

For the reasons mentioned above, Thrive has been given the opportunity to help forward thinking medical professionals solve this difficult problem.

Thrive as an Education and Support Solution

Thrive was designed to create ongoing conversations with people. Each Thrive interaction delivers and collects information, while sharing feedback, resulting in contextualized data. This data can be used to track progress and identify risks to better understand the type of treatment, information and support needed to help individuals manage a chronic disease.

Stopping old habits, creating new ones, and making the right decisions is never as easy as it may sound. Things aren’t going to change overnight, and the impact won’t always be noticeable right away. This means ongoing education and reinforcement is essential to treating and managing chronic diseases.

Cloud-Based Communication for Diabetes Management

Thrive was recently referenced in the Current Research in Diabetes and Obesity Journal. The article focuses on the potential for cloud-based communication platforms, such as Thrive, to provide much needed education and support for those managing diabetes and the associated symptoms.

Thrive is excited, and humbled, to have the opportunity to help thousands, or even millions, of people live happier, healthier, and all-around better lives. Please click here to read the article.

To learn more about how Thrive is being used to support chronic disease management, feel free to contact us here or reach out directly at

Thank you for reading, and take good care.


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