Measures that Matter

Thrive builds Models, or, as we like to say, Measures that Matter, that represent a specific Cognitive State, e.g. Belief, Confidence, Resilience, Positivity, etc. We build these models from the responses collected in a Thrive Program that feed algorithms built to represent proven scientific theories.

We do this to show the correlations and causal relationships between the skills and mindsets that fuel knowledge-driven companies and their KPI’s to the highest levels. Training and consulting continue to lag behind the needs of modern organizations, leading Thrive to create new tools that meet the modern workforce’s needs.

Whether your team is local and they see everyone almost daily or distributed around the world with a low chance of ever meeting face to face, Thrive can provide a communication channel that carries more than messaging. Thrive designs a channel that builds culture and accountability along with knowledge, belief, and confidence.

Open Your Mind

One of the most recent Thrive Models we have been developing is around the area of perception in the moment, based on three attributes: Focus, Awareness, and Mindfulness. These three terms are used in many ways in different domains of knowledge, so we will define how these factors work together in our Models and Measures.

In the Thrive Mindfulness Model, we assign Focus and Awareness as the opposite ends of a spectrum and as reciprocal functions. 

The more you are focused on one thing, the fewer other things you can be aware of in any situation, and conversely the more things you are aware of in your environment the less you can focus on one particular thing. This results in a measurable state that can be tied to KPI’s and improved through feedback.

Striking a Balance

For any situation there is a balance between Focus and Awareness that is optimal – in the Thrive Model, we call this Mindfulness. 

A standard definition for Mindfulness might be something like, “mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on.”

So this means that the important factors are where you are and what you are doing combined with what you know about the situation.

This leads to understanding that the right amount of Focus and Awareness for a given situation achieves the optimized state of Mindfulness to accomplish your tasks correctly and efficiently as possible.

Mindfulness in Practice

As a simple example, think of a walk in the woods. If you are just out for a stroll then you want to simply be aware of the smells and the green, with no specific goal. But if you are a bird watcher and hope to find a Goldfinch then you have to be more focused and avoid the distractions of everything else.

goldfinch, focus, awareness

In the first case, your Mindfulness should be closer to the Awareness side of the spectrum; Focus could actually diminish the experience by causing you to miss the forest as a whole by being distracted by all the elements of it.

In the second case, you should try to block out as many things that aren’t a Goldfinch or aren’t associated with Goldfinch habitats as possible to up your chances of seeing many of the Finches that are visible along your walk.

Mindfulness Impacts Business

Extend this little thought exercise into the issues around your workplace. Are you seeing the impact of Mindfulness or still talking about it as something ethereal, as opposed to the major factor in your future success? Are you frustrated that training isn’t lowering mistakes or increasing your sales as you expected? Customer satisfaction and NPS scores lower than hoped? Your own personal goals not being met at the pace and quality you know you are capable of?

Thrive’s Mindfulness Measure provides a way for individuals and teams to self-assess their Mindfulness in real-time and gain a high level of understanding of how the way you think is something that you can improve on and hit your goals.

Want to learn how these Measures that Matter can boost your team and business? 

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