Coaches often struggle with showing results of coaching for leaders as well as coachees. In fact, it is the number one issue coaches have in closing clients – proof you can get the job done.  

Thrive can measure change over time while gathering data and behaviors that are important to your coaching expertise. You are the author, so you can decide what to include and track. 

You can build your own measure or use Thrive Measures for accurate data collection of behaviors over time…

  • Mindfulness
  • Positivity 
  • Inclusivity

Learn more about measuring what matters here.

Case Studies

#1 – A Book Turned Digital

Our client Richard Citrin digitized his assessment and content from his successful book: The Resilience Advantage.  He uses Thrive as his digital solution to reach a broader audience and help his clients learn more about how they can incorporate new behaviors into their routines to grow their resilience muscle!



#2 – An Inclusivity Conversation

Measuring what matters to women in tech with RedChairPGH

The first step in design thinking is to empathize with your audience. Rather than assume big-data studies hold the key to change for all, Thrive enabled an in-depth conversation to validate thinking and better understand this very specific population in Pittsburgh with a focus on Inclusivity. Those who participated were also able to access all the raw, anonymous data through the Thrive personal portal, providing an opportunity for learning at many levels.  



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